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Blog... How to beat the January blues
Sales professionals and managers read on…
Blog... The KPI Mystery
The KPI Mystery
Blog... Forecasting and crystal balls!
During a coaching session recently a young, and recently promoted, first line manager posed the question, “What should I write into my business forecast and how can I be sure it’s going to happen?”. Well, as you might imagine, my immediate response to that was that if we knew that, then we’d all be lottery millionaires.
Blog... Dull Sales Meetings? Read on…
If a Company Director was to challenge a team of sales managers and say to them, “How do you rate your sales meetings and is your team inspired by them?”….
Blog... Do you manage flexible or remote workers? Read on…
Our client base spans a wide variety of industry sectors and as such we spend a great deal of time in different organisations and often see how, over time, they shape and mould their businesses to adapt to prevailing trading conditions. One of the areas that has become, not just popular, but necessary, is for workers to have the opportunity to work remotely or to have a flexible working arrangement.
Blog... Writing sales documents that win business!
Writing a sales proposal that really works is more art than science. Therefore, the hints and tips contained here will deal more with the essence of a good sales document rather than the structure i.e. what should go where in the document, an executive summary and layout etc.
Blog... Tips for Great Business Writing Skills
One of the key elements in business that always has our team arguing is writing skills. Not just the usual stuff like when to use and apostrophe and when not to, punctuation in general, grammar and spelling but also such things as general content and writing for the right audience.
Blog... Ways to ensure success in sales
At a recent sales meeting the subject of training came up as colleagues were being advised as to which particular training and/or coaching they would be included in for the following month. At the meeting a new member of the business development team asked a simple but powerful question, “What does it take to be a successful sales person?”
Blog... Why business planning is so vital
There was something I witnessed recently that is worth recounting because it was an answer to a question that came from the voice of innocence, as it were. By that I mean, I was with a client in one of their management meetings recently, when the issue of what that company was going to do with their strategy going forward was raised. A junior manager then asked, “what’s the plan then?”. An honest enough question you might say, but then the young manager followed this up with “We don’t need a plan anyway as we’ll just fumble our way through it like we normally do”. Maybe it was an attempt at humour but his comments elicited a response from a a senior manager that I will try and recall as best I can, in essence at least.
Blog... Complaint or Challenge?
We are very fortunate at Maguire Training to have an outstanding team whose main objective is to provide the highest level of service we can muster for our clients. As a consequence of that we are proud to say that we rarely receive complaints about our service, which means (happily) that we have no need for a ‘customer complaint line’ as such. That is not to say that things don’t occasionally go wrong, because they do of course, however, if a mishap occurs then we try to view this as an opportunity to delight our client rather than it be a challenge.
Blog... Selling to Multiple Decision Makers
In your sales career, there are going to be times when you have to pitch or present to more than one person. This can either be a fully planned and totally expected scenario or it could be that you arrive at your client’s offices and are caught by surprise.
Blog... Qualities to Acquire for Successful Leadership
There’s an old saying that can help us to understand exactly what it means to be a real leader of others and it goes like this; ‘You’re not a leader until someone follows you’.
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