360 Degree Feedback

Tailored Performance Reviews for Real Results

360° feedback is a powerful performance review mechanism that will revolutionise how you develop your organisation's, your team's or your own skills.

Confidential, responsive and completely bespoke, 360° feedback can be used for individuals, teams, management or even an entire organisation. 360° feedback combines statistical data with anecdotal evidence for a holistic picture of an individual’s skill-set and performance.

Develop Yourself

As 360° feedback providers, with a proven track record, we offer a versatile web-based 360° feedback service managed remotely by our expert team.

360° feedback can be used in conjunction with other performance reviews and is particularly effective when used alongside psychometric assessments.

How Does 360° Feedback Work?

At its heart, 360° feedback is a surprisingly simple process - but it is the small details we put into its delivery that make it truly effective.

360° feedback works by collecting performance ratings, plus personal experiences, from your line managers, supervisors, colleagues, team members and even external collaborators - anybody you work closely with. These responses, plus your own self-assessment, are used to create a holistic 360° view of your performance.

360° feedback has three stages:

Orientation: We design your questionnaire, choosing 15 to 20 options from a database of 1000+ questions. We also brief you and the people answering your questionnaire, ensuring everybody understands how the process works.

Administration: We use our responsive web-based service to confidentially collect the questionnaire's responses, using them to create a full report.

Feedback: Rather than simply giving back the report, we use it to create an offline, confidential meeting with one of our coaches for more personalised feedback. This allows us to support you in the creation of a personal development plan to make the most of your strengths while improving your weaknesses.

As the ultimate in tailored, responsive performance reviews, 360° feedback is ideal for general and specific skills-based development.

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