Tailored performance reviews for real results

360 Degree Feedback

360° feedback is a powerful performance review mechanism that will revolutionise how you develop your people.

Confidential, responsive and completely bespoke, 360° feedback can be used for individuals, teams, management or even an entire organisation. 360° feedback combines statistical data with anecdotal evidence for a holistic picture of an individual’s skill set and performance.

360 Degree Feedback includes:

  • Bespoke questionnaire design and choice from an extensive library of questions. 
  • In-depth confidential reports 
  • Personalised feedback 
  • Personal development plans based on all data 
  • Tailored performance reviews  
  • Statistical and anecdotal feedback from yourself, peers, managers, subordinates
  • Ability to give feedback on a web-based platform ensuring all data is in one place 
  • Fully managed by our team of experts, all you need is a login 

Key Benefits







As 360° feedback providers with a proven track record, we offer a versatile web-based 360° feedback service managed remotely by our expert team.


Our full-service offers:  


We design the questionnaire with you, picking up on any behaviours you want to focus on. We can create the questions, you can choose from our 1000+ question library or you can edit/create questions of your own. With 15-20 questions that cover a wide range of performance and behaviour criteria, using both statistical and qualitative data, you will have a rounded image of where you and your team need to develop.  



There are two types of respondents on a 360° feedback questionnaire: 


  • Subjects- This person will be the subject of the feedback and will undertake self-evaluation, they are the subject of the feedback from other raters as well. 
  • Raters- They are drawn from people who know the subject and should have different relationships with them, like a manager, a colleague, a subordinate or anyone external who knows them well. These people will complete a questionnaire about the subject.  

If the team is small, or some of the raters are also a subject, we can set this up so subjects can be raters and vice versa. 

We will set up an orientation session with all raters and subjects so they all understand the concept and the procedure.  


Administering the questionnaire  

We create and upload the questionnaire to our secure website and add all participants to the site with their email addresses, participants can then add a password to secure their account.  


We then set a “Go-live” date that is determined by you and when you will need the feedback report. We typically give 2-3 weeks between the “go-live” date and when the report will be ready, you will then be offered individual, in-depth feedback as soon as possible after the report has been produced. 



We can create a report for each participant that includes a range of information based on what you would like to know. Usually, this includes the average numeric ratings from all raters, a colour-coded comparison of the rater’s and subject's feedback (colour-coded by type of relationship, not by individual, to conform with confidentiality) and all of the subject’s numeric data too, including a list of all comments left under each comment.   



Next steps

360° feedback can be used in conjunction with other performance reviews and is particularly effective when used alongside psychometric assessments. As the ultimate in tailored & responsive performance reviews, 360° feedback is ideal for general and specific skill-based development. 


After the report has been completed, you will receive an invitation to an in-depth feedback session with one of our expert coaches. Based on your ratings, you will receive 2 hours of personalised coaching that involves all areas of development highlighted by your 360° feedback report, plus the use of a psychometric tool as part of your 360° feedback package.  


The Psychometric tool is a vital addition to your 360° package as your 360° report will show you what you are currently doing and what can be improved, whereas the psychometric tool goes further and gives you the reasons why you are receiving these answers, why you are the way you are, in essence. 


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