Sales Skills Audit

Diagnose Your Sales Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Sales Skills Audit is a powerful diagnostic tool designed to maximise your team's sales performance.

Built on peer-reviewed UK government National Occupation Standards (NOS) for sales, Sales Skills Audit is the only assessment approved by global sales qualification accrediting body the ISM Education.

Insightful, Intuitive Improvement

Built for maximising sales skills, identifying skill gaps and improving client retention, Sales Skills Audit is easy-to-use and effective.

Used in over 40 countries worldwide, it aims to uplift team performance in a wide variety of areas, including customer engagement, problem-solving, negotiations, target planning, objection handling and more.


How Does Sales Skills Audit Work?

As an all-in-one sales performance management tool, Sales Skills Audit comes with a full suite of market-leading sales skills assessment tools. By gathering objective data about the quality of sales skills at an individual or team level, Sales Skills Audit is able to assess sales competency in 19 specific skill sets across five different categories.

Sales Skills Audits take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes - but the results are truly powerful. Candidates sit an assessment using our secure web-based platform, with a full report ready to view once completed. Based on each candidate's results, we recommend selections from a vast library of e-learning modules designed to tackle any skills gaps the assessment finds.

Sales Skills Audit is flexible and adaptable - as your team changes, you are able to add, remove or change candidates to reflect your current team.

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