One-to-One and Executive Coaching

Powerful, High-Impact Support for Professional Goals


Fast-track your professional development through tailored one-to-one sessions with an expert Maguire Training coach.

With intensive one-to-one sessions designed around your own personal, organisational and professional development, few other experiences come close to Executive Coaching's results and impact.


Unlock Your Potential

We want to help you thrive. With Executive Coaching you can expect to see both immediate and long-term changes in both how you accomplish things and how others respond to you. Becoming the best leader that you can be is not just about the time invested - it's about how you invest that time, with facilitation by our expert coaches.

How Does Executive Coaching Work?

Our coaches have worked with some of the most high-profile leaders in the UK, both in industry and the military. 

Each Executive Coaching plan is different, built from the ground up to fit your precise individual needs and goals. 

We begin by creating an initial assessment of your needs and developing a coaching plan with you. Once you are completely satisfied with the process and goals of your plan, we begin. Our first Executive Coaching session typically lasts for two hours, with subsequent sessions flexible to change depending on your own needs.

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