Essential analysis tools for management training and sales training

TNA, Skills and
Competency Analysis

Our skills analysis questionnaires create more targeted training by determining the gap between your employee’s current skill or training level and the optimum level for higher results and greater productivity.

Our training need analysis includes:

  • Bespoke questionnaires specific to you
  • Targeted approaches to training delivery
  • Analysis measured against your current competency framework
  • Augmented sales and management training

Key Benefits


Targeted Training


Bespoke Assessments

Self Improvement

Increased Skills

Increased Skills

We use our training needs analysis to make sure all of our training is effective, giving you better results and a more productive experience. We can create bespoke questionnaires specific to your organisation, business or department, helping you rate your employees against specific sets of skills to identify where training will be most effective.


We can also create questionnaires using your current competency framework - or work with you to create a competency framework of your own that will reflect the skills necessary for success within your organisation.


All of our training programmes attract CPD points and are available as public open courses, in-house training and development courses, and online training.

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