Apprenticeship Levy Funded Training

Outstanding Levy funded training qualifications for Team Leaders, Managers, Leaders and Sales Teams.

Are you making the most of the Apprenticeship Levy?

Maguire Training specialises in transformational leadership, management and sales training delivered face-to-face and virtually and has the expert knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the options available for Apprenticeship Levy-funded training courses. You can find us on the Apprenticeship Provider and Assessment Register (APAR), UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN): 10022494. Our fully managed service will allow you to maximise the opportunity of accessing Levy-funded training without having to find additional resources to manage the process. 


Maguire Training are able to help you:  

  • Undertake a skills audit in your organisation.
  • Build and manage your Apprenticeship Levy strategy.
  • Guide new or existing employees onto the most appropriate programmes.
  • Give you the technical support required to manage the fund that you have built up.
  • Help you to access funded training even if you are an SME and do not pay the Levy.

There are some excellent development programmes that you are able to access, whether or not your organisation pays into the Apprenticeship Levy fund. If your organisation's payroll exceeds £3 million then you are paying into the fund so why waste it? And if your organisation is smaller the co-contribution rate of 5% means that 95% of the cost of any programme is met by the wider fund. Either way, you have the option to access outstanding programmes of learning for your employees, such as:


  • Team Leader - Level 3
  • Leadership Development - Level 5
  • Sales Executive - Level 4
  • Customer Service - Level 2 & 3

Maguire Training was formed in 1999 and has the expert knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the options available for Apprenticeship Levy funded training courses which typically lead to a recognised qualification, often from the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) or the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).

Every single organisation can take advantage of the learning that is now available as a result of the Apprenticeship Levy and if you would like to discuss how this can be deployed for maximum impact for your colleagues then please call us today on 0333 5777 144 or use the form below to request a callback.

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