Online Learning Resources

Here you'll find a comprehensive source of articles, guides, videos and links to help with e-Learning
Blog... Developing learning for the future - with your help
Our new digital tools help identify, deliver and record learning activity, but we're keen to find out what you think.
Blog... The Learning Journey
Here is the process of learning with Maguire Training
Blog... The benefits of online learning
The benefits of online learning
Blog... Why there's never been a better time for businesses to benefit from on-line training
Blog... The Bribery Act 2010 - A Brief Guide to Compliance for Businesses
Blog... The Assertive or the Aggressive Manager - Which are you
Blog... How to Give a Persuasive Presentation
Blog... Don't Slip Up When it Come to Workplace Safety
Blog... A Beginner's Guide to Selling Features, Advantages and Benefits
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