Reaching Net Zero


Whether you are a small or large organisation, you will no doubt have heard the stirrings of the Net Zero conversation. But what does this actually mean? Is it simply another buzzphrase to add to the corporate dictionary? Or has the fight for sustainability in the environmental crisis hit new levels of need?



In an ever-growing environmentally conscious world, you may notice or even encourage certain etiquette within your organisation, almost like sustainable bingo you will be able to relate to some of the most common.

  • Re-usable coffee cups being handed to your local barista
  • Glass and bamboo lunch boxes in the office
  • Drinks being sipped through metal or glass straws
  • Tote bags being used instead of plastic
  • Wooden cutlery in your office space
  • Multiple recycling bins
  • The “think of the trees” comment when using hand out booklet


These efforts are instrumental in individual efforts to reduce carbon footprints. But now is the time to treat environmental impact like any other project within your organisation as we go further and faster to make a difference.

The UK Government has made a pledge to lead the global charge towards Net Zero by 2050, they define this as:


A target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, to be achieved by reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


If your organisation has not started spreading awareness and gathering data towards making a change, now is the time to begin before you get left behind.


My organisation is successful, why should I shift priorities to Net Zero?


  • Many Millennial and Gen Z consumers are actively avoiding business not focused on their environmental footprint- Can you afford to lose this share of the market?
  • Looking to appeal to investors? Future thinking investors will consider Net Zero plans
  • Efficiency and profitability will increase
  • As new ways of working appear, innovation will grow within your business
  • You will attract and retain top talent


Now you are convinced the journey to Net Zero will be not only beneficial to your organisation, but keep you ahead of government pledges, you will be wondering where to start…

  1. You will need to educate your workforce in Net Zero and what factors internally and externally are unique to your organisation.
  2. You will need to understand the applicable data, what is collectable and how to collect it.
  3. You will require a strategic plan of the who, what, why, when and where of making changes.


Perhaps this all sounds daunting, and you prefer the good old days of a reusable cup for your latte and getting behind David Attenborough whilst watching Blue Planet. We can still do those things and feel incredible about doing them as we mature to the next stage of Net Zero.


Starting with our Net Zero Introduction course will ensure you are set up for success with Maguire Training by your side.


  • Reaching Net Zero Course 1 Day CPD Accreditation
  • Can be delivered virtually or in person.
  • This course is targeted at those with Net Zero responsibility or interest in the workplace.


You may also be interested in our Becoming Net Zero e-learning for your whole entire workforce to have an awareness around the topic.


You may also be interested in our Lean, Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt certification.


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