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Course Category: Six Sigma & Lean

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course

Who Would Benefit

This programme is ideal for those people that lead smaller projects or work in a larger project team or PMO on more complex projects. The Lean Yellow Belt Six Sigma training course will guide you through the core aspects of Lean Six Sigma methodology so that you can understand how to implement and apply Lean Six Sigma on smaller projects or as a supporting professional under the guidance of Green Belt or Black Belt practitioners on more complex projects.

Course Description

At the end of Lean & Six Sigma Yellow Belt training you will have the skills to improve & enhance the business. The training course includes one day of practical classroom based development followed by an on the job project in which the objective is to use the new skills and knowledge to make a cost saving or increase in productivity that would result in a minimum of £10,000 benefit to the organisation.


Over the 6–8 weeks of the programme the tutor will have weekly mentoring sessions with the delegates to check they are on track with their project and successfully using the right tools at each stage as they work toward making savings and efficiencies. At the end of the programme successful projects are validated and individuals certified as Six Sigma Yellow Belts.


  • 1-day classroom course (max 14 people)
  • 6–8 week programme
  • Weekly mentoring meetings
  • Final project validation
  • Certification as Six Sigma Yellow Belts
  • Minimum saving of £10,000 per delegate
Learning Outcomes
  • Explain what Six Sigma is and what benefits it can bring
  • Describe where Six Sigma can be applied
  • Evaluate the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC)
  • Apply the DFSS (Design for Six Sigma Process)
  • Apply the DMAIC Process (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control)
  • Explain process capability and variability
  • Apply SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Deliver costs savings and efficiencies of at least £10,000
The Programme Includes:
  • What is Six Sigma?
  • Where can it be used?
  • How does it link to Lean?
  • Can anybody have the training?
  • What benefits will it bring?
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Operational definitions
  • Process Maps
  • “Waste” video exercise
  • Project identification
  • What is Lean?
  • Who uses it?
  • How can it benefit the company?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Lean chaos experiment 
Tools Used For Lean
  • 7 wastes, what are they & have we got them in our business?
  • VA & NVA
  • Visual factory : what is it?
  • Kanban system
Tools Used For Six Sigma
  • Bell curve
  • Cause & effect diagram
  • Y=f(x)
  • Process maps
  • Benefits matrix
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