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Leadership & Management Development

Transformational training for managers and leaders who want to inspire and motivate their teams.

In-House & Bespoke


Since 1999 we have worked with 1000's of people who want to be the best they can be at and managing and leading people. Transformative, visionary, inspirational and authentic leaders who can make things happen and get things done are what make organisations thrive and our exceptional training team will help you to become that person.


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Leadership Academy


Our Leadership & Management Academy provides high intensity training and develops Leaders through the different phases of their career from their first management appointment through to C-suite strategic leadership roles at the highest level. Our Leadership specialists are practitioners themselves and will enable you to build your knowledge, skills and experience and navigate your career with intent and purpose.


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Women in Leadership


Reaching your potential and breaking through the glass-ceiling into the Boardroom or Senior Management Team as a woman is often tougher. Building your leadership capability, personal resilience and understanding how to manage your career are the keys to progression and our own exceptional woman at Maguire Training know exactly how to do it and can help you to navigate the path and inspire those who will benefit from following you.


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Online & Virtual Courses


Online modules and virtual learning days are a great way to learn remotely. They are easy and cost-effective to access but remain  interesting, informative and interactive like everything else from Maguire Training. Our online and virtual programmes are CPD certified and can be accessed on mobile and tablet devices from wherever you want to learn. We will keep a log of your learning and you can retrieve this at any time.


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 Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is a way to fast-track your development through intensive one-to-one sessions that are designed specifically around your development, organisational and career goals. Few other experiences come close in terms of impact and results and so for those who are serious about becoming a world-class leader Executive Coaching is the anwser.


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Open Public Courses


Maguire leadership and management open courses attract ambitious, hard working leaders who are hungry for success and who want to network with others. If you join one of our public open courses you will leave feeling inspired and energised by learning new skills in a lively and challenging environment. Open public courses are a great option for individuals and smaller companies.


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Maguire Training specialises in transformational leadership, management and sales training delivered face-to-face and virtually. 

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