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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Women in Leadership Training Course

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The business case for gender equality has continued to grow; organisations are scaling up their commitments to ensure women and men can equally contribute to and benefit from empowering workplace leadership programmes.

Course Description

Our innovative Empower Me: Women In Leadership training course is designed and led by highly-achieving women to help support and develop ambitious and talented women, who want to develop the skills to empower themselves to be successful leaders.


Maguire Training would collaborate with you to ensure the relevance of the programme proposed is tested against the wants, needs and expectations of those who are attending and working within the company. Each programme will be tailored to the requirements of each organisation factoring in the findings of TNA, talent streams and appraisals tied to robust learning outcomes.


The ‘Empower Me’ Women in Leadership programme can be run as a series of virtual or classroom sessions and is led by an inspirational group of women with expertise and experience in abundance. 


Designed to strengthen corporate initiatives to create empowering workplaces in which women can assess their strengths, and values and develop their brand whilst forging a career pathway through targeted learning, support and networking.


Personal Learning Plan

We support each module with links to referenced quotes, studies, videos etc.

In summary, Maguire Training regards, the need for meaningful action planning, line management support, and evaluation. A virtual plenary session for line managers will be delivered after each programme providing feedback, learning points, trends and observations made by the trainers.


“What gets measured gets done!”


  • CPD Points: 18
  • Course Category: Leadership and Management
  • Training Course Duration: 3-days
  • Course Location: To be determined by client
Learning Outcomes
  • Instil the organisation's values on the development of women as leaders.
  • Explore the ‘mindset’ of women, assisting them in the navigation of male-orientated workplaces (if appropriate).
  • Develop new approaches, skills and behaviours.
  • Provide all delegates with an opportunity to share, learn and explore the content together in a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Ensure a shared delegate experience using an engaging, fun, challenging and interactive approach.
  • Individuals to take responsibility for their development with support from Maguire Training.


The Programme Includes:

Workshop #1: Empower Me

We explore what it takes to be a successful woman leader:

-Where are you now, where do you want to be and how will you get there?


Workshop #2: Personal Impact

Self-Awareness /Personal Impact

  • Personal style/build a reputation/finding your authentic voice
  • Developing brand ‘YOU’ built on your values and integrity


Workshop #3: Managing Your Career

Focus: Setting out a career plan and achieving your goals.

  • Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Why?
  • Can women leaders ‘have it all?’


Workshop #4: Understanding and Navigating Bias

Focus: Navigating conscious and unconscious bias.

  • Exploring and recognising conscious and unconscious bias
  • How Unconscious Bias can affect your career and development opportunities


Workshop #5: Managing the 'work-life-family' Balance

Focus: Building mental health awareness and self-compassion.

Work-Life Balance

  • Start by stopping!
  • Draw a line between home and work –working from home or office
  • Don’t forget your well-being
    • Befriend yourself
    • Support your mental and physical health
    • 4 pillars of health
    • Managing stress effectively 


Workshop #6: Building a Cultural Legacy

Focus: Create a culture of defining best practices and ‘Pay it Forward ’

  • Is there an identifiable culture?
  • Situational leadership, developing a coaching culture
  • Establish a community of best practices and ‘Pay it Forward’
  • Evaluation and follow-up process explained
  • Summary and Personal pledges


The programme will be personalised and is modelled on the highly successful Women in Leadership programme, which we developed and have successfully delivered to hundreds of women over many years. It is a CPD-accredited programme attracting 18 points.

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