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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Delegation & Empowerment Training Course

Who Would Benefit

Every manager will benefit from the Delegation & Empowerment Training Course, regardless of the level they operate at. The skill of delegating effectively is a powerful weapon in your armoury.

Course Description

A manager can only really be effective if they learn to master the art of delegation. In essence, a manager who does not or cannot delegate will be limited by his or her own capacity to manage their workload and by their own ability to be better at every task they perform than anybody else in their team.


Delegates will leave this training course with the tools required to help them delegate tasks, responsibility and accountability to members of their team, full in the knowledge that they have empowered them skilfully and helped them to understand the difference between delegating tasks rather than simply ‘dumping’ them.


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Training Course Duration: 1 day
  • Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes
  • Show the difference between delegating and dumping
  • Demonstrate powerful leadership skills
  • Show how to set objectives
  • Communicate powerfully
  • Demand others take ownership
The Programme Includes:
  • What is delegation?
  • Question: Can you do everything better than everyone in your team?
  • The role of delegation
  • The three delegation ‘W’s’

- When to delegate / Who to delegate to / What to delegate

  • When to delegate?

- Assessing tasks and resources against deadlines

  • Who to delegate to?
  • The ‘Art’ of Delegation
  • Delegating the task and the necessary tools

- Responsibility / Authority / Accountability

  • Setting SMART goals
  • Communicating your plans
  • Listening techniques
  • Questioning techniques
  • Summarising techniques
  • Managing the partnership
  • Monitoring delegated tasks through to completion
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