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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Leadership Skills Training Course

Who Would Benefit

The Leadership Skills Training Course is for managers at all levels who wish to learn the essential qualities of a good leader and to understand the essential differences between managing and leading.

Course Description

Delegates will learn how to become more effective leaders and understand the critical success factors in becoming a leader, who people will follow. Leading a team of people is perhaps the most difficult task anyone can undertake. Leadership skills rarely comes naturally, but there are leadership skills managers can learn and develop, that will help them bridge the gap between leading and managing.


Tailored content will give delegates at all levels formulas for giving leading, directing, stimulating and motivating their teams to contribute more in terms of performance and enjoy doing it!


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Training Course Duration: 2 days
  • Training Course Location: Virtual or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training course the delegate can:

• Describe how to inspire others, change behaviour and well-worn habits
• Demonstrate making the right decisions and realise your full potential as a role model
• State and understand your leadership style to successfully implement strategy
• Create and communicate your vision to achieve objectives
• Identify and action personal and professional goals

The Programme Includes:
  • Leadership characteristics & behaviours
  • Success / failure traits
  • Managing vs Leading
  • Providing purpose & direction
  • Leading by example
  • An examination of leadership models
  • Leadership using new techniques
  • Developing your own style of leadership
  • Delegation - doing / leading
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Communicating your vision
  • The power to change
  • Personal influencing and decision-making
  • Make things happen
  • Your impact on teams and team roles ~ Attitude!
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