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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Emotional Intelligence Skills Training Course

Who Would Benefit

The Emotional Intelligence Skills Training Course is perfect for those who want to understand how to develop their communication and interpersonal skills, whilst building and improving relationships with colleagues and their team.

Course Description

The main aim of this training course is to help delegates understand how emotional intelligence offers a means for developing the communication and interpersonal skills needed by a manager to develop and improve relationships with both, their colleagues and the team. 


This introductory training course looks at what emotional intelligence is and what it is not. It looks at some models of emotional intelligence and what they mean.


The course covers the advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence, ways it can be improved and some do's and don'ts of working with emotional intelligence.


The course explores the ability to recognise emotions, understand what these emotions mean to tell them and realise how emotions affect people around them. Ways to develop emotional intelligence will be explored along with techniques to work with emotional intelligence.


This training course is aimed predominately at leaders and managers who operate teams and departments and who want to learn practical skills that can be utilised in their job role.


Delegates will explore in detail the ability to recognise their emotions, understand what they're telling them, and realise how their emotions affect people around them.


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Training Course Duration: 2 days
  • Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Applying emotional intelligence to enhance personal / team performance
  • Understand how emotional competencies support the development
  • Explain how empathy is involved in motivating and influencing others
  • Understand their behaviour and how this impacts performance
  • Understand the behaviour of others
  • Identify how to use different leadership styles in different work scenarios
  • Design implementation plans to improve communication and efficiency
The Programme Includes:
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • Using your intelligence to manage your emotions
  • Understanding emotions
  • Identifying & managing emotions
  • Developing empathy
  • Active listening
  • The emotionally intelligent leader
  • Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Introduction to human behaviour
  • Exploring your behavioural style; its strengths and limitations
  • Exploring the nature of others
  • Understanding how behavioural styles impact relationships and work
  • Recognising how others see the world
  • Strategies to work more effectively together
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Exploring your leadership style
  • Recognising how style can influence to lead and influence others
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