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Course Category: Personal Development

Unlocking Your Potential

Who Would Benefit

Anyone wishing to become more self-aware and develop a deeper understanding of their emotions and what makes them tick.

Course Description

Delegates will learn the value of becoming more self-aware improving self-mastery and how this impacts both, your professional and personal relationships. The programme content focuses on mastering yourself and your emotions, attitude and values and will develop your inner resources and communication skills. Suitable for all managers, the programme will seek to enhance personal development and examine the mental, emotional and physical habits of an individual encouraging them to adopt a more empowering stance and therefore inspiring those around them at the same time.


  • CPD Points: 18
  • Course Category: Personal Development
  • Recommended No. of Days: 3
  • Course Location: To be determined by Client
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, the delegate can:

•    State how to control your physical, mental and emotional resources
•    Explain how decisions are made
•    Recognise value systems and how they drive us all
•    Demonstrate powerful influencing skills
•    Give examples of how self-mastery improves your relationship with others

The Programme Includes:
  • Day One ~ Self Mastery
  • Values / State
  • Meta-programs
  • Outcomes & Timelines
  • Day Two ~ Insight into Others
  • Sensory acuity - reading others
  • Eliciting meta-programs - Decision-making strategies of others
  • Discovering values - The 4 types of people and how they are driven by 'achievement', 'recognition', 'belonging' and 'correctness'
  • Day Three ~ Influence
  • Cialdini's theories - Influencing others
  • Metaphor - The power of anecdote
  • Transferring 'state' - Relaying your energy to another person
  • Language patterns & overcoming resistance
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