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Course Category: Personal Development

Managing Pressure and Stress at Work

Who Would Benefit

All employees will benefit from attending this course irrespective of their job role.

Course Description

Delegates will learn how to recognise the symptoms of stress and manage stress and energy levels more efficiently. This course will enable people to become more effective in managing personal scenarios when they are under pressure and how to manage the work/life balance. Delegates will understand the causes and nature of stress and recognise key symptoms of stress in themselves and stress in others before considering and using various personal development methods to alleviate this. Delegates will leave recognising that personal management and finding a work/life balance is a priority that will have an impact on their well-being, in and out of the workplace.


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Course Category: Personal Development
  • Recommended No. of Days: 2
  • Course Location: To be determined by Client
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, the delegate can:

• Explain the symptoms of stress and the impact it has on work and home life
• Recognising the symptoms and how to deal with them early
• Show how to manage difficult scenarios more efficiently
• Describe how to manage energy levels
• Give examples of techniques for becoming more self-aware

The Programme Includes:
  • Defining stress factors/causes
  • Stress 'conductors'
  • Understanding the need for managing stress in the business context
  • Understanding the relationship between pressure & stress
  • Physiological effects
  • The 'Boiling Frog' Syndrome
  • Understanding your role in managing stress in others
  • Understanding the Legal and Health & Safety implications of work-related stress
  • The role of diet/downtime/exercise/assertiveness/lifestyle
  • Identify the key managerial competencies for preventing workplace stress
  • Understand how to support team members experiencing stress
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