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Blog... How is your negotiation working out?
Everyone is negotiating all the time, even when they don’t know that they are, whether it’s for a new sales deal that will smash your target or simply because you need to leave work early for your child’s school concert, and you promise to deliver a project required by tomorrow morning at lunchtime on that day in order to do so.
Blog... Are you a new sales manager? Read on…
How many times have you seen someone promoted to sales manager just because they were the best salesperson? It’s more common than you think and the best sales people don’t always make the best sales managers.
Blog... Is this your first time?
The first time you meet with a potential new client can always be a little daunting and you never quite know what to expect. It doesn’t matter that you have done your homework, researched your client, their business and the market, there is the human factor to be aware of and everyone reacts differently in any given situation.
Blog... Is selling a natural talent?
There’s little doubt that sales skills can be taught and anyone with a degree of application and desire could learn to use those skills well. However, it should also be noted that some people just seem have a natural flair and a gift for the role.
Blog... Real happiness at work?
When we ask what makes you happy at work the vast majority of people say the people they work with. Yet, how conscious are you of your friendliness factor?
Blog... The benefits of Role-Play in Training
Anyone who has ever delivered training and said to a group of delegates, “ok, we’ll now do some role-play scenarios”, will undoubtedly be familiar with the look of shock and horror coming back from at least some of the faces in the room at the very suggestion of such a thing.
Blog... What makes a good communicator?
Although the concept of communicating is easy, communicating well takes skill and practice. How many of us when we communicate are focused on the following goal…
Blog... Competency-Based Learning
This is making huge waves at all levels of learning and development, and companies are also realising that what is really important is not that employees sit through training, but that they can do something useful at the end of it.
Blog... Selling v Consultative Selling
Recently in one or our commercial meetings, I was asked by a new starter in our business what the difference was between ‘selling’ and ‘consultative selling’. As I began to explain I could hear myself starting to make this sound all very windswept and interesting but ultimately I realised it was actually getting to be a little confusing for the inductee as I found myself talking about it being a much more deeper and complicated process than merely selling something to someone.
Blog... Appraisals – Yes or No?
For many years the HR Community have religiously collated learning and development requirements via the organisations Performance Appraisal process. From this data a schedule of interventions are normally put in place to satisfy employee needs.
Blog... 3 Reasons Why E-learning Can Save Time and Money
Having just had a winter crisis in the NHS and with budget cuts affecting the NHS left, right and centre. Saving time, money and resources are crucial for the stability and ongoing day-to-day running of the NHS. In addition to attending courses, e-learning offers an interactive, engaging and cost-effective way of broadening your skills. Here are 3 reasons why an online e-learning platform could be beneficial to improving productivity in the NHS.
Blog... Objection or red herring?
Sometimes it is quite difficult to discern between the two and there are occasions when we can walk away from a sale because we have taken the objection at face value and not sought to dig into whether it is real or not. Usually when it’s not, it is because we have somehow created doubt in the buyers mind and they are nervous about committing. Whilst there are many reasons for this, it can be as simple as we have not explained our proposition clearly enough or perhaps even the pricing structure.
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