Train the Trainer

What is the first thing that comes to mind when considering internal trainers within an organisation?  


  • Personalities that are so engaging you could listen to them read the phone book?  
  • Or perhaps they are the oracle of knowledge around your product or service?  

Generally speaking, both of those points would be correct, with trainers having a natural flair for holding a room and thriving on knowledge and growth. However, is personality fit and product or service expertise alone enough to be a well-rounded trainer? 

In short, no. Although product and service experts will provide short-term operational wins whilst being a welcomed face from the workforce. The most successful organisations and trainers know that the only way to successfully manage the learning and development journey is from an end-to-end view.  


Long term? But I need to see the output from training now! 

Group of five people talking in a circle

Picture this, you have been promoted from within a sales unit to a trainer because your numbers are great, and you are well-liked within the business. You can overcome any objection thrown your way due to your cool demeanour and ability to work well under pressure. You immediately dive in and develop your first “Overcoming Objections” slide deck which you will proudly present to the sales team. You have set a target of a 20% increase in conversion over the next six months. Prepared, eager, and ready to pass on your experience in this passion project.  

Unfortunately, team conversion only rises by 2% over the following month and then plateaus. Team members are left disheartened from not meeting targets, morale is low. Frustrations grow within management after time was dedicated to this project and they were given unrealistic expectations around training outcomes. As a trainer, you are disappointed that your time investment has not impacted how you would have hoped. Although initially sales grew, in the long term there was little to no impact or behaviour change.  


What have we missed? 

  • You did not identify an individual or group learning need. A passion project you were passionate about, which will always be valuable in any organisation. But how did you identify this as a priority? And whom is it a priority for? 
  • Although your slide deck looks amazing and has lots of great content, how does it accommodate the learning process? 
  • How did you accommodate different learning styles? You presented to a large group in a theory-heavy lecture-style presentation. Did all your learners find this engaging and easy to process? 
  • What training methodologies did you use?  

Starting to panic as you scroll through Indeed? Please stop. 


Missing these points does not mean you are not an excellent trainer. It simply means there is room for growth and knowledge to support your passion for the profession.  

Many organisations and trainers fall into the trap of seeing personable, product and service expert employees as already being equipped to create material and deliver a session. Ensure group and individual training needs are met strategically with a focus on long-term results will ensure... 

  • You can expect long-term change from the training time invested  
  • Your workforce will feel valued as individuals which will reflect positively in reviews and pulse-check surveys 
  • You will retain top talent and reduce recruiting costs  
  • Internal trainers will be knowledgeable, confident and make the desired impact  


Train the Trainer is a 2-day CPD accredited course for groups, you can explore the agenda HERE 


If you would like to register your interest in a Train the Trainer Open Course as an individual, reach out to our team! 

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