Six Ways to Win New Business


A company that consistently fails to win new business isn't destined for long-term survival. In the twenty-first century the competition between companies for new customers is intense and the ability to win new business is perhaps the most important skill that any sales-oriented leader or manager can possess. The best way to arm yourself and your team with the knowledge, skills and strategies required to win new customers in the challenging environment of modern business is to obtain quality professional training. Business skills training specialists Maguire Training present an invaluable course 'Winning New Business' which equips delegates with everything they need to find new business, create the right impression and close the deal.


To help you get started straight away, here Maguire Training lists seven useful ideas that could help you to find new business:


  • Squeeze every last drop of value from social networks
    Creating and maintaining a profile on LinkedIn and encouraging endorsements from existing customers can be an extremely effective way of drawing the attention of new customers. Drawing up a digital marketing strategy that includes regular contributions to a business Facebook page and Twitter account will also ensure your marketing messages and promotions reach the widest possible audience.


  • Network at every opportunity
    Opportunities to win new customers are everywhere you look for them in the real world; whether it's at a business breakfast with companies in your local community, an industry trade show or exhibition or a social event, face-to-face networking is still an invaluable strategy for attracting new business.


  • Research your target customer
    Taking a random scattershot approach to winning new customers is apt to be a waste of time and effort. Narrow your focus by creating a profile of your ideal customer and pursue a strategy of targeting them with information and marketing information that is likely to be of specific interest and value to them.


  • Adopt, adapt and improve your competitors' strategies
    Is there something that your nearest competitor is doing that is winning them customers whilst you struggle? Discovering their strategy, modifying it and improving it for your own benefit without blatantly ripping-off their ideas can help win new customers who might otherwise have looked elsewhere.


  • Continuously hone your sales pitch
    The development of a winning sales pitch is an ongoing learning process by which a salesperson finds out which aspects work best with the most customers and which need to be improved or discarded. A well-honed sales pitch that is word-perfect in your head and which can be delivered naturally, sincerely and confidently is fundamental to winning new business.


  • Don't overlook your own and your team's personal connections
    The personal contacts you, and the members of your team, have beyond the world of work have their own professional and personal circles, and simply by word-of-mouth it may be that among this extended pool of contacts there are more potential new customers for your products and services than you realised.


These ideas only scratch the surface of what Maguire Training can teach you about winning new business. To gain a real head start over your competition you can obtain all of the knowledge and beneficial strategies of 'Winning New Business' by accessing it as an online training course through our easy to use and convenient E-learning system.

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