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Blog... 4 Essential Steps to Providing World-Class Customer Service
Every business that aspires to long-term prosperity needs to focus its efforts not only on providing desirable and high-quality products or services but also ensuring that it offers impeccable customer service.
Blog... 10 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople
There are good salespeople and then there are great salespeople. Some are born with a natural gift for selling, whilst others acquire their skills via formal sales training and then hone them over the course of their sales career.
Blog... 10 Do's and Don'ts for Better Business Writing
Blog... Team Management Tips for New Sales Managers
It doesn't automatically follow that a great salesperson will make an equally great sales manager, yet a vast number of businesses promote their sales managers from within. Managing a sales team requires a different set of skills and strategies than other staff management roles and it is important for newly-appointed sales managers to adopt and utilise these from the outset.
Blog... Six Useful Tips for Selling to Multiple Decision Makers
Not every sale is a case of simply persuading a single potential client. When selling to larger organisations, salespeople may be faced with the challenge of pitching to two or more purchasing decision-makers.
Blog... How to Spot a Natural Salesperson
Whilst some people have to be taught the rules of the road and only get to the top of their game after several years of on-the-job experience, others seem to be gifted with a natural flair and aptitude for their role.
Blog... 5 Subtle Ways to Gain the Upper Hand in Negotiations
Whether you relish the challenge or find them a little nerve-wracking, negotiations are a fundamental aspect of business life. Not everyone is a natural born negotiator, but the good news is that negotiation skills can be learned and improved.
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