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Course Category: Sales Training

The 'Art' of Storytelling for Salespeople

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Who Would Benefit

This course is designed to build the confidence of salespeople to be able to use powerful stories & to help engage customers and clients, using the carefully crafted and ages-old skill of storytelling. We are all enthralled by the power of stories that have always connected with us at a deep level. The best stories are far more than simple escapism.  They unite us, move us, instruct, and inspire us to act. 


Most stories are tales of tension and release...of facing trials and ultimately overcoming them. In this way, stories speak to our need for courage, vision, teamwork, facing fears and conquering adversity. What we really respond to is the clarity which a well-told tale can bring. It reflects our own situation in simple, inarguable ways. We live in a volatile, and complex business world, so now more than ever we need to ‘cut through the noise’, gain attention, and galvanise others to join us in our goals. The simple, illuminating power of a story helps us do just that.

Course Description

This course delves deep into the ages-old art form of storytelling in which people pass on nuanced messages to one another in the form of stories or tales. These stories help us to engage one another, to build fellowship, create trust and give reassurance, which are all vital for sales people to succeed over time.


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Training Course Category: Sales
  • Training Course Duration: 1 day
  • Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme the delegate can:

  • Understand why and how stories work
  • Demonstrate an understating of how stories are constructed
  • Explain the key aspects to a complete and compelling story
  • Show how to use storytelling in sales conversations
  • Demonstrate great storytelling skills
  • Explain how to integrate storytelling into the wider sales process
  • Apply structure to guide and control the chosen narrative
  • Know the purpose in telling a story
  • Appreciate the 7 Basic Plots and use them for increased audience impact
  • Utilise more vivid language – verbally and visually
The Programme Includes:
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Icebreaker: ‘Tell Your Tale’ (selected participants share life experiences)
  • Debrief and discussion: ‘Why do we need stories?’
  • The story as simplifier: Cutting through business complexity
  • The 7 Basic Plots (and how they apply to business)
  1. Overcoming The Monster
  2. The Quest
  3. Voyage & return
  4. Rebirth
  5. Rags To Riches
  6. Unravelling The Knots
  7. The Tragic Fall
  • Knowing your purpose (Think-Feel-Do)
  • Exercise: Participants define and share their story’s purpose
  • The CAMEO model:
  • C - Capture attention (Hook-Question-Factoid)
  • A - Align with the audience (Refer to their situation)
  • M - Main Narrative (The Power Of 3)
  • E - End with a message
  • O - Open up (a discussion)
  • Applying the model (Group breakout session and report back)
  • Laws of language: 3 positions, active tense, Saxon words and imagery
  • ‘Screencraft’ tips: How to shine on camera (eye contact, posture and gesture)
  • Paired practice and action planning
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