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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Workforce Planning & Strategy Training Course

Who Would Benefit

This training course is for those involved in developing organisational strategy and ensuring that your workforce is fit for the future. This programme will help you to navigate how you can predict, plan and shape your workforce to manage short, medium and long-term changes that will be required for your organisation to function effectively.

Course Description

Almost all organisations leave workforce planning until it is too late and then try and adapt existing people and teams to new circumstances that were entirely predictable. This is a coping strategy but there is a much better strategy to adopt and this course will help you to navigate workforce planning as a vital tool for future success.


It will help you to establish a baseline from which you can use evidence-based analytics to create insight which will drive the decision-making process about what your organisation needs to look like in the future.


Workforce planning is about sustainability and resilience and the use of modelling and predictive tools will help you build your workforce strategy (and replace that coping strategy).


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Training Course Category: Leadership & Management
  • Training Course Duration: 2 days
  • Training Course Location: Virtual or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the concept of Workforce Planning
  • Learn how to use key workforce planning tools
  • Leverage data and modelling
  • Plan, model, test and evaluate workforce plans
  • Make reliable predictions
  • Communicate an effective workforce plan
The Programme Includes:
  • Understand what data you have

- Where has it come from

- Is it reliable?

- Can I test it?

  • What are Workforce Planning tools?

- Excel

- HR systems and data

- Commercial and market data

  • Making predictions

- Using case studies and learning from examples

- Understanding supply and demand

- Forecasting trend data

- Succession planning

  • Workforce Planning and Implementation

- Creating your own strategy

- Communicating your plan for change

- Gaining engagement

- Ensuring diversity and inclusion

- Monitoring progress

- Being prepared to change your plan

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