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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Laser Coaching Training Course

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Who Would Benefit

The Laser Coaching course is designed for individuals who want to take their coaching skills to the next level and focus their goals. It would benefit professionals such as L&D professionals and human resources managers who want to enhance their coaching abilities so they can get the most out of short coaching conversations with colleagues.

Course Description

The Laser Coaching course is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and techniques to become effective coaches. The programme covers the coaching process, communication skills, goal setting, overcoming challenges, and measuring progress. It is suitable for anyone looking to improve their personal or professional skills, and especially for leaders and managers seeking to enhance their coaching capabilities. Through this course, participants will gain clarity and focus on their goals, develop effective communication skills, and learn how to provide constructive feedback and support when coaching in a short amount of time.


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Course Duration: 2 days
  • Course Location: Virtual or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction to laser coaching and its benefits
  • Understanding the coaching process and techniques
  • Developing effective communication skills for coaching
  • Identifying and setting achievable goals
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges in coaching
  • Measuring progress and evaluating outcomes
The Programme Includes:
  • Introduction to Laser Coaching
    • Definition and benefits of laser coaching
    • Difference between coaching and other forms of development
  • Coaching Process and Techniques
    • Building rapport and trust with clients
    • Active listening and questioning techniques
    • Providing constructive feedback and support
  • What does Laser Coaching Conversation look like?
    • What’s Working? – Identify the good things the coachee has done.
    • What’s not Working?- Ask about any issues and what the outcome could be.
    • What are you learning? – Ask them what they are learning from the issue.
    • What needs to change? – Ask for specifics, new ideas and offer support.
    • What’s next?- Conclude the conversation and focus on actions.
  • Communication Skills for Coaching
    • Effective communication models and tools
    • Communication styles and preferences
    • Cultural differences and considerations
  • Identifying and Setting Achievable Goals
    • SMART goal setting
    • Aligning goals with values and objectives
    • Creating action plans and strategies
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges in Coaching
    • Addressing resistance and defensiveness
    • Managing difficult emotions and situations
    • Dealing with ethical and professional issues
  • Measuring Progress and Evaluating Outcomes
    • Defining success and measuring progress
    • Providing accountability and support
    • Assessing impact and evaluating outcomes
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