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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Essentials for Managers

Who Would Benefit

Anyone new to a management or supervisory role, in addition to those who have been doing the job for a while and received little formal training in management skills.

Course Description

Delegates will learn the essential skills required to be a successful line manager. The programme is designed to help less experienced First Line Managers and those who are new to a management role understand the key skills and knowledge required to be successful. We will explore in great detail the role and responsibilities of the manager. This programme will help delegates making their first steps into management realise the key principles of managing people and resources, and how to get the best from their team and themselves.


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Training Course Duration: 2 days
  • Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom-based
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme the delegate can:

• Explain the role of the Manager and how to manage performance
• Show how to deal with difficult situations and problem-solve effectively
• Communicate effectively and regularly to inform team members
• Demonstrate taking responsibility and maintaining high integrity as a manager
• Recognise the value of good delegating, planning and prioritising


The Programme Includes:
  • The role and function of the manager
  • Characteristics of an effective manager
  • Mastering the Art of 'letting go'
  • Leadership & motivation skills
  • Channelling expectations
  • Your influence on the pace of work
  • Dealing with performance ~ both good and poor
  • Taking corrective action
  • Communication skills and communication
  • Managing meetings & planning
  • Objective setting
  • Managing conflict & difficult situations
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