Eight Sales Words and Phrases that Really Work

If you've ever heard it said of a successful salesperson that they have 'the gift of the gab' you'll understand the importance of using powerful and appropriate language as a persuasive sales tool. Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it in every sales situation is a vital skill that sales managers and salespeople should possess. Business skills training specialists Maguire Training offer 'Using Powerful Sales Language'; a comprehensive course that equips delegates with the skills and knowledge they need to use language effectively in the sales process and achieve greater sales success.


Some words and phrases, when used appropriately in a sales context, seem to possess a persuasive power that is almost magical. There are many examples, but here Maguire Training shares with you eight of the most effective sales words and phrases and what makes them so powerful.


  1. 'Save' 

    Consumers have become wary of the word 'free' when used in a sales context because it has been overused and is often misused (who gives something away free and without conditions these days)? 'Save', however is still compelling: everyone wants to save time, save money, save energy and so on.

  2. 'Guaranteed'

    If a product or service is 'guaranteed' to deliver on its promises the buyer is given confidence that it has been tested and will meet their needs or that they will have some form of redress if it doesn't. Such reassurance reinforces their purchasing decision; they are far more likely to buy something which is guaranteed than something which isn't.

  3. 'For a limited time only'

    Nobody likes to miss a bargain, and for many customers phrases such as 'time limited' or 'must end soon' provide a sufficient incentive to buy without delay.

  4. 'New' 

    For such a simple word, 'new' is extremely powerful in sales as it taps into a range of human emotions such as pride: 'I've just bought myself a new car' or envy 'Wow! I see you've got a new car'. The fact that a product is 'new' means that a certain kind of customer has to have it: consider those who queue overnight outside an Apple Store to buy a 'new' iPhone that is ostensibly the same as the previous version.

  5. 'Exclusive' 

    Whether it's an exclusive product or an exclusive deal, customers like to feel that they have been singled out to receive something special or preferential over and above what is available to the 'mass market'.

  6. 'Special' 

    Pushing similar buttons to 'exclusive', describing something as 'special' suggests that it is out of the ordinary or not normally attainable: despite its ubiquity, the desirability of a 'special offer' to most customers is ample proof of the selling power of this word.

  7. 'Safest' 

    Safety, protection and security are fundamental human needs and suggesting that particular product or service contributes to, or fulfils, this need can be a powerful selling point.

  8. 'You' or 'Your' 

    Using 'you' or 'your' when selling to a customer promotes a sense of inclusivity and personal attention. The customer wants to hear how they 'not some other person' will benefit from your product or service. Addressing the customer with 'you' or 'your' or, better still, using their name suggests that you empathise with them, acknowledge their needs and have their best interests at heart.


These are just a few of the most powerful words and phrases that can contribute to successful sales pitches. Maguire Training can show you plenty more and how to use them effectively to persuade and motivate customers into making a purchase. For salespeople on the go, Using Powerful Sales Language is available via Maguire Training's convenient and intuitive E-learning platform, which provides invaluable online training that can be accessed anywhere, anytime from an internet connected device or computer.

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