Banishing Negativity in the Workplace


We spend the vast majority of our time working and none of us want to spend our time in a negative environment that zaps us of energy, motivation and passion. Negativity in the workplace is an insidious influence that ebbs away at stimulation, enthusiasm and productivity. This highly acclaimed course from Maguire aims to talk delegates through an intensive and utterly fascinating programme designed to boost positivity at work. It's been said that to combat one negative, people must experience 7 positives which is why Maguire's all-encompassing course encapsulates everything you need to know.


Pessimists, Moaners, Drainers, Energisers, Radiators

The programme introduces delegates to the various personalities they may encounter within the workplace. Pessimists always expect the worst and see the glass as half empty, moaners constantly find fault and spread their contagious negative attitude which often becomes infectious within a workplace, drainers leech energy from others, energisers motivate others and radiators literally radiate positive vibes. Helping to understand what your work force is primarily comprised of is a highly useful way to attempt to shift the dynamic in a positive direction.


Listening to our inner voice

Negativity is often the result not so much of outside stimuli, but of our interpretation of stimuli. Our inner voice often feels like us, but is actually often an accumulation of everything that we have learned since childhood from our parents, friends, partners and life experiences. Learning to separate that inner voice from reality is an essential way to begin building a more positive outlook.


How to incorporate nutrition, sleep and lifestyle factors

Sometimes we feel negatively because we aren't living well. Poor sleep, perhaps for workers who are new parents or suffer with insomnia or stress, poor nutrition, perhaps exacerbated by hefty workloads and short lunch hours and damaging lifestyle factors can all influence our working life. By the time we get to work, we may find it hard to stay positive. This aspect of the programme looks to help delegates make proactive all-round choices in their lives.


CBT and behaviour modification

CBT is a truly powerful tool employed by therapists, psychologists and counsellors to counteract an endless array of problems including depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias all of which have a sound basis in negative thinking! Incorporating CBT and behaviour modification tactics is a great way to check your own behaviour and switch to a more positive mindset.


Problem focus and action oriented

This aspect of the course reveals the difference between focusing on what can feel like insurmountable problems or instead taking a proactive, positively oriented approach and perceiving threats as challenges. Adjusting perceptions is a powerful way to remind delegates that they always have control and needn't feel powerless in the face of common workplace issues.

Overcoming negativity in the workplace is essential in order to bolster a productive, joyful environment for both workers and management. All of the benefits of banishing negative thinking can be located with Maguire's state of the art learning service which can be realised in either a classroom environment or using Maguire's E-learning online platform for convenience in your own time.

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