7 Ways in which Managers can foster Customer Service Excellence


Satisfied customers mean greater success for your business. Dissatisfied customers mean greater success for your competitors. Few equations are as simple to understand as this, yet even in the twenty-first century so many companies fail to provide a level of service that is entirely acceptable to their customers. At Maguire Training we offer invaluable sales training which enables managers, salespeople and anyone else who is in direct contact with customers to achieve customer service excellence.


In the meantime, here are seven ideas for ways in which customer-facing managers and employees can improve the customer service they deliver.


  1. Think in terms of helping the customer, not simply resolving the job

    Put each customer, their needs and their situation first. Talk to them, ask them what they need and don't second guess. Whilst you may be faced with the same problem time and time again don't forget that every customer is different and has different needs and priorities.

  2. Empower customer-facing staff to use their initiative and go 'off-script' 

    Front-line staff should have the intelligence, skills, experience and flexibility to deal with customers' needs without having to rigidly follow a script or be micro-managed. Demonstrate trust in their judgement and support them when needed and they should deliver excellent customer service of their own accord.

  3. Ensure a robust support system is in place for helping 'difficult' customers

    Customer-facing staff need to know that an efficient and competent process can be quickly called upon should assistance be required when dealing with an awkward or dissatisfied customer.

  4. Encourage staff to 'be themselves' when dealing with customers

    A friendly, informal approach and a little light-hearted chat can go a long way to improving a customer's perception of the service they are receiving provided that it is natural and unforced, and that respect for the customer and their needs is maintained at all times.

  5. Don't play down the importance of value of customer-facing roles

    Delighting the customer is something that staff should be encouraged to feel proud of and this should be reinforced. Even something as simple as a job title can make a difference; which sounds better 'Helpline Agent' or 'Customer Services Professional'?

  6. Give positive feedback wherever possible

    Positive feedback is a great morale booster and when it is given by the customers themselves in the form of praise for an individual?s help this underlines the benefit and reward of providing customer service excellence.

  7. Build a culture in which customer service excellence can flourish

    Develop and nurture customer-facing staff by providing them with the knowledge and training they need to deliver customer satisfaction. Ensure that every activity carried out in accordance with positive human values such as respect, honesty, courtesy and personal integrity.


For managers and staff who are too busy looking after customers to be able to attend off-site business skills development courses, Maguire Training offers a suite of online training courses via our innovative E-learning platform. Including Excellent Customer Service and aspects such as managing customer relationships and understanding your market and clients, our E-learning courses allow delegates to develop their customer excellence skills wherever and whenever they choose.

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