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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Compassionate Leadership in Extraordinary Times

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Who Would Benefit

This course is designed for managers and leaders who have recognised that they need to adapt their approach to leading people and managing resources. Compassionate leadership is for those in positions of influence and authority seeking a more balanced and nuanced approach and who want to refine their leadership style to meet the challenges of the time.

Course Description

Pressure can sometimes make it feel hard to strike the right balance between directive and compassionate leadership. Striving to get this right will help ensure navigation through the Covid-19 crisis with compassion, empathy and respect. All of which are critical for long-term recovery.


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Course Duration: 2 days
  • Course Location: Virtual or classroom-based


Methods of Delivery


  • This is a blended, accessible and inclusive learning programme
  • Master classes
  • Live virtual classrooms
  • Webinars and reflective practice
  • Flexible modular approach
  • 'Just in time learning' - Bite size sessions (45 minutes)
  • Leading remotely, looking after yourself and others, forming teams in turbulent times, building a culture of psychological safety, leading change, equality & diversity, unconscious bias and inclusion.
Learning Outcomes

Our core objective is to build the capability and confidence to lead compassionately in uncertain times:


  • Learn how to manage and lead compassionately
  • Enable managers and leaders to facilitate a broader range of conversations on wellbeing, performance and diversity
  • Understand how to create a supportive and nurturing environment for learning
  • Build more effective, engaged and resilient teams
The Programme Includes:
  • Culture shift created by the COVID-19 pandemic – a change of approach in creating a restorative and supportive culture where blame is not directed at the “who” but the “what” resulting in a new approach where managers will require new competencies.
  • Leadership Support Circles – multidisciplinary, people manager’s action learning sets, virtually delivered with a focus on how leaders lead compassionately during extreme levels of uncertainty and pressure. 10 pre-agreed themes with guides and materials to support the manager were produced as 45-minute sessions.
  • Operational Leadership and Management skills - open master classes for all to support operational leaders with a greater focus on attracting diverse staff. Includes reflective practice, deep dives and a business challenge (ideally working with internal L&D teams or with NHS partners in the healthcare sector)
  • Inclusion of 'Aspiring Team Leaders' – for staff who wish to develop their leadership skills and move into their first managerial role    
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