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Course Category: Healthcare

Accountable Clinician and Autonomous Working

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Who Would Benefit

This training is perfect for SAS doctors who wish to explore how autonomous working, enabling you to explore and gain a better understanding of what needs to happen for autonomous working to be introduced within your trust.

Course Description

This workshop invites SAS Doctors, Tutors/SAS Leads and SAS Advocates explore how autonomous working can be introduced and negotiated within your Trust.


We would encourage you to invite a senior representative from the HR team who is involved with implementing SAS Charter and autonomous role to enable you to explore and gain a better understanding of what needs to happen for autonomous working to be introduced.


What is autonomous working?

Autonomous working is where an SAS doctor works independently, without routine supervision by or referral to a consultant. This is usually within specific areas of work, based on the individual’s level of competence, within agreed lines of responsibility, and agreed within the job plan.


Who states that this is allowed and encouraged?

SAS doctors do not always realise that there is no actual contractual requirement for consultant supervision for SAS grade doctors, although there is a need for individual accountability arrangements and supervision to be agreed as part of the job plan.


NHS Employers outline this in their job planning guidance and say: ‘At the top of the grade, SAS doctors will have acquired a high level of specialist knowledge and expertise and have the capacity and opportunity to work independently within agreed lines of responsibility and will also take a broader role in the organisation through other activities such as teaching and audit.’


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Training Course Category: Healthcare
  • Recommended No. of Days: 1
  • Training Course Location: Virtual or to be determined by Client
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, delegates can:

  • Understand the process required to move to autonomous working
  • Help educate the HR teams on how the process works
  • Negotiate and influence stakeholders
The Programme Includes:
  • What is autonomous working?
  • Understanding the need for personal accountability as part of your job plan
  • What does autonomous working look like?
  • What are the benefits of autonomous working?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the patient care for autonomous SAS working?
  • What does a SAS doctor needs to gain approval for autonomous working?
  • What sort of evidence should a SAS doctor provide to support autonomous working?
  • How should trusts support progression to autonomous working?
  • Transferring responsibilities to another employer
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