Professional Conduct: 9 Tips for New Managers

Make no mistake if you're making the transition from team member or employee to manager everything is about to change. And that includes the way in which you conduct yourself and behave in the presence of others in the workplace. Much of the information that you'll need and the skills you'll rely upon in your new role can be acquired by attending Maguire Training's excellent Essentials for Managers course. Over three days you'll learn how to manage performance and approach problem-solving, gain an understanding of delegation, planning and prioritising work and enhance your communication, objective-setting and meeting skills.

The correct approach to business etiquette and professional personal conduct speak volumes about a manager and so, to help you avoid making any unnecessary or embarrassing faux pas as you get to grips with the world of management Maguire Training presents 9 tips on professional conduct for new managers.


    • Be punctual

      Whatever the occasion, be it a recruitment interview, team or management meeting, business lunch, sales appointment or meeting with a key account holder, the golden rule is that it is better to be a few minutes early than a few minutes late. Being punctual demonstrates your respect for others.


    • Silence your phone in meetings

      Nothing can disrupt a productive meeting in full flow than the annoyance of an intrusive ringtone or alert from a mobile phone. Don't let it be yours.


    • Shake hands when introduced to someone new

      A firm double-shake of the hands combined with a smile and appropriate eye contact is the most professional and accepted business greeting. You're a manager now so a friendly nod and an 'alright mate'? simply won't do.


    • Resist the temptation to interrupt or talk over another speaker

      No matter how valid or important you feel that the point you're about to make might be, it is considered hugely impolite to butt in or try to hijack the conversation whilst someone else is speaking.


    • Keep communication professional

      Whether written, verbal or electronic your communication with others, once you are a manager, needs to be handled with care. Street slang, jargon and of course- expletives are to be avoided, as are any references or comments that could be construed in any way offensive. Letters, memos and emails should be checked for typos, and spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.


    • Be polite and courteous to everyone, regardless of 'rank' 

      You may have moved up the ladder in terms of status but this does not entitle you to be ignorant or discourteous to others or to forget your manners. It?s surprising how something as simple as forgetting to say 'excuse me', 'please' or 'thank you' can quickly earn you a black mark.


    • Always knock before entering another office

      Walking straight in to someone else's workspace without invitation is simply unprofessional; what would you think of the other person if it happened to you? Knocking first whether the door is open or not and enquiring whether the person within is free to talk shows courtesy and respect.


    • Listen, and be attentive, to others

      If someone engages you in conversation it may be because they are seeking your opinion or advice on a matter or need your help as a manager. Engage with them, listen to what they say and show interest by asking questions if appropriate. Do not yawn, tut, fold your arms or fidget whilst someone else is talking to you as this is disrespectful and reflects badly upon you.

    • Mind your own business

      To listen in on the conversations of others or read correspondence or email that isn't intended for you is unprofessional and to be caught doing so unforgiveable if you wish to retain your credibility as a manager of trustworthiness and integrity.

Following these tips for professional conduct will help you to create the right impression as a new manager, but there's no substitute for formal training to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to set your management career off on the right foot. Maguire Training's Essentials for Managers provides everything you need and can also be studied as an online course courtesy of Maguire Training's innovative and versatile E-learning platform.

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