5 Secrets of Successful Sales Proposals



Even though you may be a skilled writer and a talented salesperson, writing sales proposals that actually win business more often than not is something of an art form. For a sales proposal to be effective it needs to possess a format, structure and content that uniquely and fully satisfy the requirements of the prospective client. Expert sales training providers Maguire Training can help business leaders and sales managers to create powerful sales proposals which will give them the greatest opportunity of closing the deal. The Writing Sales Proposals course explains why sales proposals are such a powerful business tool and equips delegates with the information and understanding needed to create sales proposals that are guaranteed to bring results.


There are many ways in which a sales proposal can be approached and tailored to the needs of the client and there are many tricks and tips that can help its chances of success. Here, Maguire Training offers 5 secrets of successful sales proposals.


    • Make your sales proposal 'skimmable' 

      A good sales proposal must not only address and fulfil all of the customer's needs, it must do so concisely and with key information presented such that it can be read and understood quickly and easily. Page and paragraph headings should be informative and in bold type, and important details should be bulleted.


    • Refer to the customer in personal terms

      Always describe the customer as 'you' in your sales proposal e.g. 'the benefits you'll enjoy with our product are'? or 'the savings you'll achieve are'. This demonstrates to the customer that you have considered and addressed their unique situation and needs to provide a personally tailored solution.


    • Offer a choice of options but not too many

      Rather than tying a customer down to a single choice, offer three or four solution 'packages' at different price points to make them feel that they are in control and have the freedom to select the solution which suits them best.


    • Explain why you are better than the competition without explicitly naming them

      Naming your competition draws attention to them but you can still mention them vaguely for favourable comparisons e.g. 'our largest competitor offers only a two-year guarantee whereas with us you'll get five full years'.

    • If your proposal includes prices, be specific and list them in descending order

      Ideally, costs should be negotiated after the sales proposal has been successful, but if it is a requirement that they must be included in the proposal, avoid using rough estimates and price ranges e.g. 'the solution should cost between £10,000 and £20,000'. Instead, be as accurate as you can when naming a price but build in some scope for negotiation. If offering more than one solution, list the most expensive first, rather than last.


If writing sales proposals is part of your role, knowing the best ways in which to approach this important task is vital for generating new and profitable business. Available as classroom-based training or as online training provided via Maguire Training's versatile and convenient E-learning platform, Writing Sales Proposals enables leaders, managers and salespeople to acquire this invaluable skill.

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