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Course Category: Sales Training

Solution Selling Training Course

Who Would Benefit

The Solution Selling Training Course is perfect for anyone involved in sales wishing to broaden and improve their professional selling skills.

Course Description

Once the professional salesperson has mastered the practical, and requisite, mechanical skills of selling they will be in a better position to further enhance their skillset by learning what it means to fully understand the environment in which their  customer operates.


This means selling and presenting sales solutions that fully engage the customer and seek to address their customer’s goals within their own sales strategy, demonstrating a return on that investment.  


  • CPD Points: 12 Training Course
  • Category: Sales
  • Recommended No. of Days: 2 Training
  • Course Location: To be determined by Client
Learning Outcomes
  • Develop a personal business development strategy
  • Make appointments & gain initial agreement
  • Plan, prepare & undertake research
  • Discover customer needs
  • Portfolio / solution selling - broadening offers to the customer
  • Handle objections & closing
  • Present and develop client-meeting skills
The Programme Includes:
  • The selling process: The 5 key phases
  • Engage / Explore / Convince / Convert / Commit
  • The key ways to secure a meeting (insight, intrigue, relevance, assumption)
  • Exploring skills
  • The 7-stage questioning process (revealing a strategy)
  • Open questions (5 W's and 1 H)
  • Active listening (test and tips)
  • Exercise: “Reveal The Drivers”
  • Implement the above skills
  • Feedback and advice
  • Role play and feedback
  • Convincing technique
  • The F.A.B. formula (feature-advantage-benefit)
  • Applying F.A.B. to offerings and solutions (group work)
  • Converting objections
  • “What is an objection?” – the positive view (hidden needs)
  • The perils of “Yes-But”
  • PRISM model (Probe-Respect-Invite-Satisfy-Manage)
  • Committing a client
  • Noticing buying signals (exercise and debrief)
  • 6 types of close (rebound-alternative-assumptive-direct-indirect-test)
  • Closing challenge – using ‘live’ scenarios
  • Final role-plays and analysis
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