What is innovation?


Innovation is much talked about subject at the moment but there are a lot of business leaders out there that can’t seem to agree on what it actually is, what it means and how to embed in to their organisations.


The google definition is not that helpful either; “the action or process of innovating”


Many businesses talk about the benefits that innovation can bring the business and start to put in place the correct level of support to make it happen. However, is innovation about benefits to your business? Or, should it be about taking ideas and turning them in to solutions that solve problems or adds value from a customer’s viewpoint? Ultimately, if the customer doesn’t see any value in the product or service offered then there really is no point.


Therefore, true innovation requires a business to look externally and not just consult the same internal minds. The drive to see things from a customers’ perspective will ensure a broader analysis of ideas are captured and considered when new ways of working are discussed.


How do you become innovative as a company?


Some feel it is about telling employees that you need more ideas and asking people to sit in a meeting room until something pops in to their heads through discussion.


This approach very rarely works. Instead, supporting and coaching others to be creative and innovative  will allow an organisation to change its culture and maximise the ideas and thoughts of their workforce. Leaders must create an environment were all ideas are welcome and considered, employees must be fearless and not worry about an idea failing. Many of the best ideas have been generated through the testing and failure of a completely different concept or idea.


Understanding the neuroscience of innovation will help improve the methods in which many businesses currently harvest ideas and thoughts. When asked, most people say their best ideas come to them when they are walking the dog, at the gym, just before they go to sleep. None actually say sat in a meeting room with several other colleagues huddled around a flip chart.


Maguire support many businesses develop a more innovative way of thinking and operating and by adopting a whole of organisation approach the shift in mind-set and behaviour can become fully embedded. The links below provide further information.



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