Appraisals – Yes or No?


For many years the HR Community has religiously collated learning and development requirements via the organisations' Performance Appraisal process. From this data, a schedule of interventions is normally put in place to satisfy employee needs.


Putting necessary compliance requirements to one side, what would happen if we stopped doing them? Some would say not much as they spend too much time chasing managers to complete them on time and when they do receive them the request is simply a course title and no clear development objectives have been agreed and no other learning and development methodologies considered.


But, without performance appraisals what would the business/line manager need to do instead?


  • Just talk to staff on a regular basis?
  • Provide clear & measurable performance objectives for the team & individuals?
  • Offer clear and consistent communication on business-related matters?
  • Provide constructive feedback on both good/poor performance?
  • Formulate personal development plans to help improve performance levels?
  • Use a range of different learning and development methodologies?
  • Offer on-the-job coaching support?
  • Have a framework in place for succession planning & talent management?
  • Promote a continual development team ethos?
  • Keep employee records up to date?
  • Document any areas that require a formal intervention?


Some would say all of the above are part of a manager's role and responsibilities in ensuring employees are well supported at work. Why wait until your yearly or six monthly discussions to act? Surely, engaging and developing your team should be a flexible and responsive action that is driven by the needs of each person and not by the time of the next review date.


In time, more businesses will start to move away from the formal appraisal process and with Learning Management Systems becoming commonplace, both employees and managers will have everything they need to manage performance in more effective and people focused manner.


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