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Course Category: Leadership & Management

More about 360 degree appraisal

Who Would Benefit

All senior managers and executives charged with delivering the highest quality performance.

Course Description

360° feedback, also known as 360° appraisal or 360° review, is an excellent way of improving communication and performance management within organisations.


360° feedback, literally, provides individuals with all-round performance feedback from colleagues, manager(s), direct reports, customers and others. Crucially, it also compares their self-perception with how others see their performance.


Maguire Training are 360° feedback providers with a proven track record. In addition to our training programmes, we provide a uniquely versatile web-based 360° degree feedback service, using online questionnaires.


There are three key stages to deliver successful 360° feedback:


  • Orientation & Set up - Designing the questionnaire with you and briefing Subjects and Raters so that everyone understands how the process works and Raters appreciate that Subjects want their feedback: that this is not just an administrative chore for everyone to do
  • Administration - the web based solution that efficiently and confidentially collects Raters' feedback and creates the report which is fed back to each Subject
  • Feedback - Rather than the report just arriving on the Subject's desk, we recommend each Subject discussing it immediately in an off-line, confidential meeting with a Maguire coach. This allows any difficulties, or questions to be addressed immediately and begins the process of constructing an action plan for what needs to done or changed


For more information about the 360 degree appraisal process contact one of our team now on:


Tel: 0333 5777 144



Learning Outcomes
  • Increased awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Greater self-awareness
  • A genuine all round view and assessment for each individual
  • Highlights skills and reveals blind spots
  • Helps to increase motivation with targeted tuition
The Programme Includes:


The benefits of using Maguire Training to administer and deliver your 360:


  • Use of the ultimate in tailored feedback and survey design systems
  • The combination in our reports of both numeric ratings and comments after each question gives detailed and specific feedback - a "qualitative" output rather than just a "quantitative" one
  • Our massive experience in 360° helps to overcome the pitfalls and problems often associated with initial forays into 360° and delivers an efficient and productive survey
  • The value of our "neutrality" cannot be overestimated
  • The confidential one-to-one meeting with one of our consultants facilitates a positive response to the feedback and encourages individuals to plan personal development
  • The software includes an impressive Individual Development Plan (IDP) application, issued free to each subject after the meeting to facilitate personal responsibility for action planning
  • We handle all the administration, whichever of the above options is chosen
  • The 360° process can be repeated at regular intervals to measure progress
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