5 Tips for Planning Long-Term Business Success


What future do you see for your business when you gaze into the crystal ball? Perhaps you've been established for a few years, business is good and things are going well. Good news so far, but in the ultra-competitive 21st century no business can afford to rest upon its laurels and assume that business will remain as dependable forever.

Sensible business planning is the answer, and business owners and leaders alike can benefit from formal training such as that offered by Maguire Training's excellent Strategy and Business Planning course. Tutored by business skills training specialists over two days, delegates will acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and analytical techniques that will enable them to create strategic business plans which address every aspect crucial to business success.

Why is planning so vital? Today, the internet has levelled the playing field for businesses worldwide; customers can immediately access and purchase their preferred choice of goods and services at the click of a mouse button. Competition is fiercer than ever and businesses that don?t stay on their toes are potentially doomed to failure. Here Maguire Training helpfully provides 5 tips for planning long-term business success.


    • Have a crystal clear business vision

      It's vital to know in advance just where your business is going in the short, medium and long-term. Which gaps in the market are you aiming to fill? Who will your customers be? How are these aspects likely to change in the years ahead? Build a roadmap with realistic goals for profitability and growth, set out over time, and focus your efforts on achieving these.


    • Aim to excel in a specific niche

      Few businesses succeed by attempting to be all things to all people. Target a particular market audience and get to know the needs and wants of your potential customers inside-out. Concentrate on delighting those customers and becoming the go-to provider in your particular niche. Once you have grown your market share and are amongst the leaders in your particular sector you then have more scope for expanding your offering into other markets.


    • In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is essential

      Operating in a marketplace which is densely populated with competitors is both a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, if lots of businesses are able to survive by selling very similar products or services, this demonstrates that there is a healthy, ongoing consumer demand for them. On the other hand, your business needs to grab a share of a space that may soon reach saturation point. The key to success here is to highlight to customers exactly what makes you different from, and better than, your competitors. This may be a superior product, better pricing, a longer warranty, outstanding customer service or a new approach but your USP must be sufficiently attention-grabbing and compelling to your target customer base.


    • Make sure your business model is watertight

      In concept, you may have the perfect product or service but you have to ensure that it is packaged and delivered in a format that is entirely desirable to customers; if it isn't they will look elsewhere. Every aspect of your business model needs to be sanity-checked and road-tested, preferably by an experienced and independent assessor to ensure that your business doesn't fall at the first hurdle.

    • Be prepared to adapt 

      Customers' tastes and needs change and evolve over time and today's smash-hit product could soon be yesterday's news unless your business is geared up to adapt and innovate. Build flexibility into your business plan and be sure to keep pace with trends and customer opinion if you wish your business to stay at the forefront of the market in the long term.


Predicting the future is no easy task, but when it comes to safeguarding your business, having a strategic framework and a sound business plan to work from can mean the difference between long-term success and failure. Maguire Training can help business leaders and owners plan for enduring prosperity by offering invaluable training on every aspect of running a successful business. In addition to comprehensive classroom-based tuition, courses such as Strategic Analysis using SWOT and PESTLE 'invaluable for creating an effective business plan' are provided as online training which is easily and conveniently accessible via Maguire Training's excellent E-learning platform.

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