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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Advanced Human Factors

Who Would Benefit

As someone who is responsible for improving safety and efficiency by reducing and managing human error made by individuals and organisations who work to improve individual and team performance. It would be advantageous to have attended an introduction into Human Factors course.

Course Description

This workshop covers a more focused approach on the non-technical skills in Human Factors.  It considers recent advances in psychology, physiology and neuroscience and looking at how these can be applied to behaviour and to improve performance in the workplace.  This includes the cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills, and contribute to safe and efficient task delivery. 


When systems are dynamic; competing efficiency targets, financial pressures, high labour turnover and conflicting initiatives that all create ideal pre-conditions for errors to occur at any time.


In analysing critical errors, the focus is more often on what happened instead of why it happened. Consideration should be given to how human memory and attention mechanisms work, how humans process information from their environment and how human performance is influenced by environmental and situational factors such as distractions and interruptions. 


  • CPD Points: 12
  • Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Training Course Duration: 2 days
  • Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom based
Learning Outcomes
  • Identity how and why behaviour influences critical incidences
  • Understand personal behaviour and how this impacts upon situations
  • Understand the behaviour of others
  • Identify behavioural responses under stress
  • Explain how to perform more safely and effectively
  • Design implementation plans to improve communication and efficiency
The Programme Includes:
  • Welcome & Course Introduction
  • Review personal objectives
  • How behaviour contributes to critical incidents
  • Exploring your own behaviour and the behaviour of others
  • Strategies to work more effectively together
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Essential communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Coaching for performance
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Review Personal Objectives
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