A new report from CIPD and Simply Health published shows that a rise in stress is linked to poor management.


The research, which surveyed 1,078 organisations across the UK referencing 3.2 million employees shows that stress is a growing problem, and 37 per cent of UK businesses have seen an increase in stress-related absence.


The report shows the top three causes of stress related absence are:


62 per cent - workloads/volume of work


43 per cent - management style


30 per cent – relationships at work.


The need for more training


The report also reveals that many managers aren’t receiving the training they need to spot and help manage these unhealthy practices among their staff, with only 50 percent of manager’s undergone training to support their staff to better mental health including stress. Managers are shying away from the subject because they lack the skills and the confidence to become more engaged for fear of making matters worse or provoking legal consequences which can often come surface later and be more serious if not dealt with effectively.


More worryingly, many senior leaders haven’t done enough to get managers to buy into the importance of wellbeing and fewer than a third say that senior leaders encourage a focus on mental wellbeing through their actions and behaviours.


Training will help managers to be more confident in supporting their team when experiencing mental ill health and stress. Knowing how to approach conversations sensitively and how they can support staff experiencing mental ill health is a vital skill, as is listening and offering the right support early on.


By training managers and senior leaders to prioritise wellness at work and making a greater investment in health and wellbeing, they will become confident and competent in supporting staff.


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