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Course Category: Personal Development

Decision Making Training Course

Who Would Benefit

For leaders who want to solve problems and deal with issues in a realistic, objective manner and by making considered choices. Who want to make decisions that consider the personal impact, how they will affect others and the overall impact on the organisation, combining thinking and intuition.

Course Description

This workshop is focused on learning more about effective leadership through problem-solving from a personal and a team perspective.  It explores how people take in information and how information is processed.


The latest ideas and thinking in neuroscience, recognising how this links and applies to intuition will be covered together with the way that differing perceptions impact decision making.


  • CPD Points:6
  • Training Course Category: Healthcare
  • Recommended No. of Days:1
  • Training Course Location: To be determined by Client
Learning Outcomes
  • Explain conscious, unconscious, and intuitive decision making
  • Explain and understand the role of emotion in decision making
  • Show how to generate alternative solutions to solve problems
  • Recognise how to make more informed decisions
  • Apply an attitude that challenges old patterns and assumptions
The Programme Includes:
  • Welcome & Course Introduction
  • Review personal objectives
  • Exploring reality
  • Making sense of the world
  • The reality of others
  • Subjectivity vs Objectivity
  • Intuition
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Managing and working with impulses
  • Understanding impulses from others' perspectives
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Review Personal Objectives
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