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Course Category: Personal Development

Developing Advanced Communication Skills Training Course

Who Would Benefit

Delegates who want to focus on advanced communication techniques and determine the best way of having an impact on others and communicating with maximum effect

Course Description

Careful examination of whom to influence, why and how, will form the platform for the course which will then explore in detail the use of assertive behaviour when the situation demands it.  This is a powerful course addressing the most fundamental interpersonal skills required by every single individual if they are to flourish, both professionally and personally.


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Recommended No. of Days: 1
  • Training Course Location: To be determined by Client
Learning Outcomes
  • Build rapport quickly
  • Employ advanced communication skills techniques
  • Determine the difference between assertive vs aggressive behaviour
  • Develop personal presence & impact
  • Apply transactional analysis
The Programme Includes:
  • What is advanced communication?
  • Who are you communicating with - your sphere of influence
  • Identifying the different personality types
  • Identifying your communication strengths & weaknesses
  • Building a personal communication strategy
  • Developing personal presence
  • The power of influence, communication, body language and assertiveness
  • The verbal / toned / physical split
  • Transactional analysis
  • Comparing parental and childlike behaviour
  • Transactional analysis in action
  • Influencing styles
  • Communication channels - VAK
  • Building rapport quickly
  • Non-verbal forms of communication and behaviour
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