5 Qualities That Distinguish a Successful Business Leader


Defined in simple terms, a successful business leader is someone who holds a powerful, personal vision and has the ability inspire and motivate others to join them in making that vision a reality. Whilst some people have a greater natural aptitude for leadership than others, it is possible for any business owner or manager to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become a strong and inspirational leader.

Leadership training experts Maguire Training provide a comprehensive two-day course, aptly entitled 'Leadership', which explores every aspect of successful leadership. Enabling delegates to recognise and develop their own leadership style, the course equips them with the techniques and strategies needed to communicate their vision, inspire and motivate others and achieve each goal on the path to realising their ambition.

In addition to their breadth of knowledge and skills, great business leaders are often recognisable by their behaviour and qualities which give them a presence that stands out in a crowd. In the opinion of Maguire Training here are 5 of the qualities that distinguish a successful business leader.


    • Straightforwardness

      Or, to put it another way, 'what you see is what you get'. A successful leader is honest, open and straight down the line; they feel no need to hide behind a facade but exude self-confidence and an unshakeable faith in, and enthusiasm for, their vision.


    • Composure

      Every business experiences highs and lows, successes and failures. The mark of a leader is that they retain grace under pressure when times are tough, staying calm and focussed upon pursuing their vision.

    • Outstanding conversational skills

      Successful leaders possess the ability to converse with anyone and everyone in any situation. Able to initiate and maintain a conversation, a leader will excel at putting the other person at ease and, in group situations, will take the time to chat with everyone present so as to foster a sense of teamwork and inclusion.


    • Confidence and comfort with public presentation

      Delivering presentations or motivational talks to large numbers of people is part and parcel of a successful business leader's role. The ability to communicate with confidence, enthusiasm, clarity and ease is a highly valuable asset and the hallmark of a true leader. 

    • Receptive to feedback, whether good or bad 

      In order to be most effective, a leader must not only be self-aware, but also aware of the way in which others perceive them. Successful leaders will invite candid feedback from those around them, and modify their behaviours or approach in order to address any negative criticism received.


Anyone who aspires to be a successful business leader can obtain immense benefit from Maguire Training's excellent leadership training courses. Whilst some are classroom-based only, others such as 'Developing Your Own Leadership Style' are also conveniently offered as online training courtesy of Maguire Training's versatile and intuitive E-learning system.

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