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Course Category: Healthcare

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration

Who Would Benefit

Applying through CESR - Designed for doctors who wish to join the Specialist Register by applying for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration, whose specialist training, qualifications or experience was partly or completely acquired outside of an approved CCT programme.

Course Description

A certificate of eligibility for specialist registration (CESR) or applying through CESR - certificate is a way for doctors who have been at staff, specialty, or associate specialist grade to gain a specialist qualification. It also acts as a route to applying for consultant jobs for doctors who have not followed a specialty training programme in the United Kingdom and achieved a certificate of completion of training so applying through CESR - certificate is a way forward.

The process of CESR application involves submitting a raft of evidence to prove that you have the equivalent experience, skills, and competences of doctors who have followed the specialty training route. Some applicants are required to gain “top up” experience to meet this benchmark. The CESR application is equivalent to a CCT and certifies that the recipient has all the competences defined in the CCT curriculum, and so is eligible for admission to the Specialist Register. This half day programme is designed to widen the view of the doctor who is thinking of applying or who is in the process of applying.


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Course Category: Healthcare
  • Recommended No. of Days: 1 day
  • Course Location: To be determined by Client


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Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the application process
  • Recognise who can apply
  • Understand what they must do prior to application
  • Understand the documentation and supporting evidence required
  • Track your royal college requirements
  • Understand what makes an effective CV
The Programme Includes:
  • Module 1: The process for application
  • Who can make an application?
  • What you must do before you apply
  • How to apply using the application form


  • Module 2: Evidence overview
  • What is required in terms of supporting evidence
  • Understand the importance of ensuring the evidence is validated
  • Effective and successful CV’s


  • Module 3: Successful or unsuccessful applications:
  • What happens when you are successful and the time frames for decisions
  • What happens to the unsuccessful applications and the appeal process?
  • Review course and personal expectations and outcome
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