What Makes a Successful Manager? Maguire Training spells it out!


Whichever field of business you're in, the role of manager typically calls for a diverse range of skills and knowledge. Every manager aspires to be successful, but those making the transition from employee to manager for the first time and who may be worried about living up to expectations, formal management training can be invaluable.


Management training specialists Maguire Training provide a range of practical courses which covers every aspect of the typical manager's role from business finance to recruitment. For fledgling managers or those who feel that their basic skills need refreshing, 'Essentials for Managers' is the perfect course. Over three days of comprehensive and practical training, delegates will learn the definition and role of a manager and obtain all of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to give them the best chance of success in their career.


A successful manger is someone whom others are happy to work with and for, and who is an effective role model for those they manage. In order to achieve this, a manager must be able to satisfy many different requirements of their role, but at the very least, in the expert opinion of Maguire Training the essential attributes of a successful manager can be spelled out as follows:


M otivational - a successful manager will foster positive morale, acknowledge the contributions of his employees and create a working culture and environment which inspires productivity.


A lways leads by example - a successful manager sets personal standards for performance to which others aspire, and should recognise those who adopt and adhere to the same standards.


N atural ability to communicate effectively - a successful manager has excellent listening skills and can express themselves perfectly both verbally and in writing.


A ctively facilitates collaboration - a successful manager is an accomplished team-builder and an agent of collaborative, harmonious and productive working.


G ains trust and respect from others - a successful manager is adept at building strong interpersonal relationships with people at every level of business and earns respect for their judgement, decision-making and integrity.


E ducates and develops - a successful manager is both coach and mentor, identifying individual training needs and skills gaps and helping to develop those who show the potential to progress within the organisation.


R ecognises and rewards good performance - a successful manager will monitor and measure progress, providing encouragement when needed and publicly praising and rewarding good performance when appropriate.


Becoming a successful manager requires dedication and an ongoing willingness to develop existing skills and to learn new ones. Nobody is born fully-equipped with everything they need to be an effective manager, but all of the necessary skills and knowledge can be acquired with formal training and experience. Maguire Training presents an extensive range of invaluable courses for both new and established managers. Many of these courses, such as Moving from Colleague to Manager are available as online training which benefits busy managers by enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge whenever and wherever suits them best by accessing Maguire Training?s easy-to-use E-learning system.

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