The 7 Best Ways to Motivate Employees

A motivated team is a productive team, but achieving and maintaining individual and team motivation is a notoriously tricky task. A vast range of factors can impact and influence motivation and these are covered in Maguire Training's comprehensive course for managers and leaders,  'Motivating Others'. In this one-day module delegates will learn the theories behind motivation and obtain the skills needed to remove barriers to motivation and manage employee expectations and behaviour, as well as gaining valuable strategies for driving and sustaining motivation.

The benefits to business of motivated employees include greater productivity, reduced staff turnover and increased satisfaction and for leaders and managers there is no better time than now to begin motivating their teams. Here are Maguire Training's suggestions for the seven best ways to motivate employees.

    1. Give them everything they need to do their job well

      Providing employees not only with all of the physical equipment they require to carry out their role but also with the training, skills, knowledge and confidence to do so removes anxiety and frustration which can undermine motivation.


    1. Recognise and reward achievement

      Recognition and acknowledgment by a manager of a job done well is often sufficient reward in itself, but for particularly noteworthy performance a modest gift or financial incentive can work wonders for motivation.


    1. Involve employees in decisions that affect them

      Asking for employee opinion and input in decisions which may have a bearing upon them fosters a sense of inclusion and that their suggestions are considered and valued by those higher in the organisation.


    1. Explain exactly how they contribute to the company's goals

      Demonstrating where an employee fits into the grand scheme of things and how their individual contribution benefits the overall company can be a big motivator, making them feel a valued part of the business and giving meaningful purpose to their role.


    1. Develop them

      Motivate employees who wish to advance in the organisation and further their career by providing them developmental opportunities including formal training to acquire new skills, secondment into a role of higher status or responsibility, one-to-one mentoring and so on. Taking a personal interest and actively supporting the development and advancement of employees can be hugely motivational for them.


    1. Empower them

      Having to run to their manager to get a simple decision made can be frustrating for employees. Giving them the freedom to make their own decisions and perform tasks in their own way, if handled correctly, may increase both motivation and personal productivity.


  1. Have fun occasionally

    Relieving the daily grind with a little light-heartedness from time to time raises morale and boosts motivation. Work can't become secondary to fun but special occasions such as team birthdays or social outings can be used to spread a little happiness and additionally encourage team building.

Maguire Training can provide leaders and managers with everything they need to know about creating a motivational work environment and motivating their employees. For delegates who'd like instant access to the skills and knowledge offered by Motivating Others, this invaluable course is available as online training via Maguire Training's versatile and convenient E-Learning platform.

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