Top 3 Reasons Why E-learning Can Save Time and Money in the NHS.

Having just had a winter crisis in the NHS and with budget cuts affecting the NHS left, right and centre. Saving time, money and resources are crucial for the stability and ongoing day-to-day running of the NHS.


In addition to attending courses, e-learning offers an interactive, engaging and cost-effective way of broadening your skills. Here are 3 reasons why an online e-learning platform could be beneficial to improving productivity in the NHS.


  1. Cost Effective

When organising a classroom-based course, there are many fees included in the price. For the provider there are trainer fees, location fees and documentation fees. For the attendee, there are travel fees, sometimes hotel fees and other costs that need to be taken into consideration.


If we look at a model such as e-learning, all of these fees can be cut out of the mix allowing the learner to focus on what is most important, actually learning the information provided. Furthermore, according to research carried out by Hall and Rosenberg (2001), e-learning reduces learning time by at least 25% to 60% in comparison to traditional classroom learning. Taking that into account, that could potentially save time and increase productivity in the NHS.


  1. Flexibility

We understand that doctors are constantly busy due to the high demand, increasing workload and exhaustive hours put in to make sure the NHS runs smoothly. The more time spent on the job and less time spent training results in a higher productivity work rate for all.


Elearning allows you to log on when you can and complete your training in a timely manner. By logging in and completing your training in a few hours, it saves the extra hours (and sometimes days) that you would normally spend in a classroom or even travelling to and from the event.


And with doctors constantly having to revalidate their licenses every three years, using an e-learning platform allows the user to quickly log on, study and complete their training as and when is needed or during a timeframe that suits them.


  1. Focused Learning

Rather than being on a group course with people at different levels and learning speeds, e-learning can be your platform, tailored to you and your learning needs, tracking your progress and allowing you to set the pace. Focusing on what key areas you need to learn and quickly complete areas of expertise.


Traditional classroom learning in today’s world has its need and has many benefits. But when you take into consideration budget cuts and low productivity levels, alternatives need to be considered. And with the NHS suffering from these traits, a switch to an online e-learning platform for doctors’ appraisals and revalidation could be key to saving time, money and resources in the NHS.


At Maguire Healthcare we have over 60 modules that are appropriate for healthcare professionals. We also have the ability to create digital content that addresses specific needs. If you’re looking to embrace e-learning for the year ahead, we’d love to have a chat with you to discuss the best way of making this happen for you. To find out more go to

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