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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Unconscious Bias - A Virtual Learning Programme

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This virtual programme is designed for people at every level of an organisation. It aims to build an understanding of our conscious and unconscious perceptions, decisions and judgement making.


Participants in the programme will learn how to manage their own biases and recognise bias in the behaviours and language of others.    

Course Description

Unconscious biases, which are also known as implicit biases, affect the way we interact with other people or groups as we unconsciously attribute attitudes or stereotypes to them.


This programme aims to bring our unconscious biases into our consciousness and in doing so influence the way we interact and engage with the people around us.


CPD Points: 6

Course category: Virtual Learning programmes



Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the concept of unconscious bias

  • Learn how and why we stereotype

  • Discover where our own biases are formed

  • Learn how to adapt and balance our biases

  • Improve our interactivity and engagement with the people around us

The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - Is everyone Unconsciously Biased?

  • What unconscious bias

  • Typical examples of 'everyday' stereotyping

  • Discover where your own biases are formed

  • How do I know I am demonstrating this behaviour?

Individual Assignment -  Personal Reflection

  • Individual participants are asked to consider three examples of times when they have, on reflection, allowed an unconscious bias to influence their behaviour or attitude toward another person or group of people and ask themselves how they might have interacted differently if they were aware of their implicit biases.

Webinar 2 - Practical Tools

  • The impact of discrimination
  • Why we should focus as much on people as processes
  • Increasing exposure to biases
  • Identifying unaccepting and unacceptable behaviours

Individual Assignment - Better Behaviours 

  • Individual participants are invited to consider one way in which they can make themselves and one way that they can make their organisation more accepting.

Webinar 3 - Being Proactive 

  • Are you against discrimination or anti-discrimination?
  • What's the difference between 'against' and 'anti'?
  • Creating a positive agenda for change
  • The benefits of diversity for creating successful organisations
  • How to have a constructive conversation about unacceptable behaviours
  • Finding common ground and learning about the experience of others from their perspective


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