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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Thriving at Home - A Virtual Learning Programme

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Who Would Benefit

Anyone who would like to learn the skills to empower yourself with insights and resources in order to take control of your life and bring out the very best of yourself.

Course Description

This webinar examines the importance of routine, addressing your emotions and learning how to thrive from the home environment. 


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Learning Outcomes
  • How to be more productive at home
  • Harnessing your time & energy 
  • Managing your state & mood
  • Learning to relax and choose optimism 
  • Explore emotional reactions to change
  • Study how successful people behave
  • Boost your resilience and E.I
The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - Personal Productivity

  • Welcome & introduction
  • What are the challenges?
  • Harnessing time & energy
  • Creating a routine
  • Productivity tools
  • Managing interruptions - the 4 D's
  • GROW coaching

Individual Assignment

  • Each participant to select two productivity tools and assess how they can integrate these into their daily routine.

Webinar 2 - Mastering Your Mood 

  • Feedback from individual assignment and webinar #1
  • How do you view the situation?
  • Stop chasing rainbows
  • Mood hoovers
  • Managing emotion & mindset
  • The 2% ers
  • Resentment - How do we break free?
  • Emotional intelligence quotient
  • Self-management techniques
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