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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Telephone Sales Techniques - A Virtual Learning Programme

New course
Who Would Benefit

Anyone new to telephone sales or those who may be experienced but have not received any formal training in the skill of selling on the telephone.

Course Description

This course focuses on the skills required to be truly effective on the telephone when dealing with both incoming and outgoing calls. This is a highly practical course concentrating on core skills development and will give delegates more confidence in the way they use the telephone to develop sales.



CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Can this course be ISM accredited?: Yes

Learning Outcomes
  • Explain and understand the telephone sales process
  • Engage customers with confidence on the telephone or video calls
  • Understand how to use features and benefits to sell your products and services
  • Improve resilience and creativity to maximise sales opportunities
The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 – The Power of Telephone

• Using the telephone

- Advantages and disadvantages

• Understanding why customer care is important

• Preparing to call

- Establishing the reason for the call

- Managing first impressions

• Opening the telephone call

- Putting the customer at their ease

- Gaining and keeping control

• Structuring the call

• Selling features and benefits

- When to present the product or service

• Dealing with objections

- PRISM model

• Closing the sale and gaining commitment

• Dealing with rejection

• Review personal objectives, summary & close

Individual Assignment

  • Learners are asked to list their most common early objections and reframe them using the PRISM model.
  • Learners audit their current approach and build a personal sales strategy

Webinar 2 – Essential Communication Skills

  • Discussion on Individual Learning Set
  • Active listening techniques
  • Questioning techniques
  • Gathering information
  • Gaining agreement & cooperation
  • Agreeing on the outcomes & actions of the call
  • Making the most of your voice on the telephone
  • Managing difficult calls

Individual Assignment

  • Learners re-evaluate their current pipeline and identify 5 key areas for improvement
  • Learners suggest improvements to their ‘follow up’ process

Webinar 3 - Build the Future

  • This final webinar will be tailored entirely to the needs of the participants who have been on this sales journey.
  • Interactive session – Participants report back on their breakthroughs and breakdowns whilst implementing new telephone sales techniques with their selected customers.
  • During feedback and discussion, we shall supply pragmatic and creative solutions to the group with genuine responses to the sales challenges they are encountering.
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