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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Selling Virtually - A Virtual Learning Programme

New course
Who Would Benefit

This programme has been developed in response to demand for a positive training solution to help sales teams around the world who are currently struggling to sell to their customers due to business disruption.

Course Description

‘Sellers’ deploy a delicate balance of emotional and personal skills as they connect with ‘buyers’ and there is nothing like being physically present when you are trying to make that connection. For many sales people being denied the chance to meet customers face-to-face is the worst thig they can imagine because they have learned to rely on all of the visual and emotional cues that can only be experienced if you are ‘present’. This programme will help you to adapt and be equally effective in the virtual selling environment and build the resilience you will need to succeed in spite of business disruption.


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Can This Course Be ISM Accredited?: Yes

Learning Outcomes
  • Engage customers with confidence via telephone & WebEx/Zoom or other video calling means
  • Better handle objections raised by customers seeking to postpone or delay
  • Use disruption to develop a proactive sales strategy
  • Make the most of downtime caused by fewer face-to-face meetings
  • Improve the resilience, mental fortitude & creativity to turn adversity into opportunity
The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - Rise To The Challenge

  • How the world has changed

 -The effect of 24 hour global news
 -Mentality & reality

  • How selling must change in crisis situations

-The Thought Leader Pyramid
-Five reactions to threat

1. Resist

2. Accept

3. Protect

4. Evolve

5. Emulate

  • Exploring and reframing customer objections (PRISM model)
  • Converting business remotely (‘commitment pathways’)
  • Developing a personal sales strategy (The MOST model)

Individual Assignment

  • Learners are asked to list their most common objections and reframe them using the prism model.
  • Learners build a personal sales strategy using the MOST model.

Webinar 2 - Evolve and Prosper

  • Using the telephone/Zoom/WebEx etc to achieve as much as a face-to-face meeting
  • Developing innovative angles (Disney Creativity Strategy)
  • Using insight to boost new business
  • ‘Awakening’ lapsed customers
  • Strengthening your sales proposition
  • Speeding up ‘yes’ from afar
  • Bargaining in a crisis 
     - Accommodate/Compromise/Collaborate
  • Connecting with customers via shared values
    - Belonger/Balancer/Emulator/Achiever
  • Writing sales proposals which get read (STORY model)

Individual Assignment

  • Learners reevaluate a recent sales proposal using the STORY model.
  • Learners suggest improvements to sales proposal templates using the STORY model.

Webinar 3 - Build the Future

  • This final webinar will be tailored entirely to the needs of the participants who have been travelling through the journey.
  • Interactive session – Participants report back on their breakthroughs and breakdowns whilst implementing chosen techniques with their selected customer
  • Feedback and discussion follows. We shall supply pragmatic, creative solutions to the group - genuine responses to the challenges & opportunities they are encountering


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