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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Screen-Craft & Virtual Presenting - A Virtual Learning Programme

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Who Would Benefit

This virtual learning programme is designed for anyone that is presenting or pitching to other people or groups using virtual tools and platforms and who wants to develop their ‘screen craft’ to make the most of every opportunity they have when interacting with others virtually.

Course Description

Making a presentation in the physical presence of others can be daunting but it also means that you have the opportunity to assess your audience and get a ‘feel’ for the mood and levels of engagement. Like anything else, taking away that physical interaction leaves us with fewer tools at our disposal so we must maximise the ones we are left with. This virtual learning programme will help you to develop the skills or ‘screen craft’, that will allow you to still make powerful presentations and make persuasive business cases or sales pitches with huge confidence in a virtual environment.


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Can This Course Be ISM Accredited?: Yes

Learning Outcomes
  • Be confident with the technology
  • Creating the right environment 
  • Preparing effectively
  • Structuring your content 
  • Slides, Slides, Slides!
  • Getting the most from your voice and word-choice
  • Involve and engage others
  • Shine on camera
The Programme Includes:
Webinar 1 - Mastering your Content
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Preparation
  • Virtual Structure - CAMERA model
  • Successful slides
  • The SAINT model
  • Maintaining virtual control
Individual Assignment
  • Each participant to use the SAINT model to create four slides to report back to the group in session 2.
Webinar 2 - Bringing it to Life
  • Feedback from individual assignment and webinar #1
  • Interactive session 
  • Verbal impact
  • Use of language
  • Vocal power
  • Vocal projection
Individual Assignment
  • Each participant to consider the top three vocal techniques and language tips to report back to the group in session 3.
Webinar 3 - Presenting to Camera
  • Exercise - Presenting ‘Hero’
  • Screencraft - individual and group feedback
  • Screencraft - tips and techniques
  • Practice & Feedback
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